AGOLDE is a fashion forward denim label, experimental in both approach and design.

Continually seeking inspiration from the classics, the AGOLDE design collective sets out to recreate them with a modern reinterpretation in mind. An AGOLDE silhouette offers the authenticity and rarity found in discovering the perfect vintage pair. As the brand continues to aspire and push the boundaries, influences are drawn globally from many directions of today’s emerging artists, creatives, and individuals.

AGOLDE is focused on design, sustainability, and comfort. Although their styles may emit an irreverent attitude, each piece is crafted with meticulous detail. The most innovative fabrics are sourced from around the world while product development is facilitated in their vertically owned facilities with select production partners to create denim of the highest caliber. They personally and carefully test every fit and fabric, and believe the practicality of a jean is as important as its design.

Companywide, they are committed to being thoughtful in the creation of denim and use advanced methods to reduce their imprint on the global environment, including laser technology, ozone machines and high-efficiency wash methods. In short, AGOLDE invests in the future.