ESTHE is a contemporary fashion brand based in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The brand creates a curated range of unique pieces that elevates any wardrobe as well as designing transeasonal staples, crafted and made to last through seasons. Quality is crucial to the brand’s value as well as maintaining an affordable price point to our customers.

The brand invests in local communities in Greece and Bulgaria, operating under ethical and social compliant standards in its own factory network, enabling to work sustainably and ethically by adapting a low-stock and made-to-order system minimizing fashion waste environmental impact.

We carefully take sustainability into account with the materials we source, use and re-purpose, as well as the welfare of our colleagues, factory workers, and the environment.

The standards and certifications of our materials include the Global Organic Textiles Standard, General Recycle Standard, Organic Content Standard and Better Cotton Initiative.

Our factories are yearly assessed for their environmental performance on the Higg Index as well as employing locally, providing healthcare access and childcare services.

We aim and work towards attaining sustainable practices to improve the health of the environment, worker, and final customer.

The fabrications we use in our collection ranges from organic cotton, recycled polyester to leftover and deadstock materials that we creatively redesign with circularity in mind. Our packaging comes from re-purposed waste of deadstock fabrics, turning them into multi-functioning pleated bags as alternatives to plastic and paper packaging. Following our pleating techniques, we also re-use the pleated paper waste by wrapping each order to avoid the use of new wrapping paper.

Alongside working on a low-stock and made-to-order basis, we are conscious of our environmental impact and continue to develop improvements all throughout the business.

To maintain and improve our ethical and environmental commitments, we strive to maximize the use of recycled materials and sustainable fabrics across all of our manufacturing processes.

Our upcoming collection is 29,4% responsible which compared to our previous season is an increase of +75%.

We continue to improve and develop our practices by introducing the use of sustainable and natural dyes as well as recycling leftover and deadstock fabrics.

We pledge to use 100% sustainable and recycled materials by 2025.