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Au 79: (pronounced Oh-79) was inspired by the atomic symbol and scientific number for gold.

Stay Gold:

Au 79 was born out of the desire to create refined and sustainable jewelry to be cherished forever. With inspiration from 70s glam, nature, and architectural design, our jewels bring to life an element of curiosity and luxury to your jewelry collection.

For the love of the Earth:

All Au 79 jewelry is created using recycled sterling silver as the base with high quality 14K gold plating.Recycled sterling silver is precious silver extracted from used metal products. Once the silver is separated from the other metals it is mixed with, it is melted down and reused to make new silver products. Fine sterling is made from non-renewable natural sources and by using recycled materials we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint.

Made with Love:

All jewels are designed in Seattle, Washington and made by hand in Bali, Indonesia.