The Danish fashion brand Herskind was founded in 2018 in Copenhagen and has become an essential player in the constantly growing and internationally acclaimed Scandinavian fashion scene.

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The DNA of Herskind is tailoring, where fitting and quality go hand in hand with an impeccable natural color scheme, from crème, beige, and greige. Soft brown, mushroom, stone, marine blue, and black. Minimalistic effortless, and understated details secure a strong fashion impact with an international yet Scandinavian look.

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The Herskind tailor program is an elaborate always-on collection, providing a waste on-trend selection of blazers, pants, skirts, shirts, coats, and knitwear.

Evolving around the Herskind Tailor Collection comes four annual collections, capturing the essential seasonal trends and colors. With a strong focus on complementing the female silhouette, Herskind always strives for a strong, sexy, and confident look. Mixing quality materials such as silk, leather, viscose, merino wool, jersey, and cashmere, the Herskind collections can easily be mixed as the color range is based on natural, earthy colors. In addition, Herskind collections are certified responsible-made. 

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Herskind is founded and managed by designer Birgitte Herskind and her daughter Andrea, brand manager at the company. The head office and the board are based in Copenhagen, where the team co-works with leading agents and distributors in Europe, the USA, and Canada.