Creative. Collaborative. Cruelty Free. 

Katharine Kidd is a contemporary Womenswear brand proudly made in Los Angeles, California.

Combining classic feminine silhouettes with modern styling and unique prints, the brand is as dedicated to detail and construction as it is to fabric and fit.

Katharine Kidd offers a distinct commitment to creativity, quality, and conscious solutions to our environmental impact.
This awareness, coupled with a focus on the team of people who actualize the vision, reflect in the final product.

The Brand values connection to the garments, with respect for each individual’s role from inception to completion. The passion for upholding these core principles, combined with integrity of expression and sustainable practices, resonate in the relationships with our customers.

Katharine Kidd evolved out of the search for personal identity and the desire to find a voice through creativity.

The Designer has always been drawn to the medium of clothing, creating original pieces that are built around the narrative of the Feminine. The Brand evokes the freedom of self-expression and connection with the inner voice, encouraging individual interpretations of it’s creative identity.

The Brand’s mission is to create designer clothing with sustainable practices at attainable prices, while respecting the hands that make them.

Katharine Kidd’s unique voice finds strength in it’s collaborative mindset while telling the story of Women; those behind the Brand and those who wear it.