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The Shell Dealer

the shell dealer only mermaid can judge me necklace

the shell dealer only mermaid can judge me necklace

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unisex necklace adorned with pearly beads, it is designed to elegantly enhance any outfit, an essential piece to have in any wardrobe


✤ glass beads
✤ natural stone washers
✤ rhodium-plated stainless steel chain


✤ one size adjustable
✤ necklace: 30cm + 18cm extension chain

each piece we create is the result of exceptional craftsmanship, designed to accompany you every day, however, some precautions are necessary to preserve their shine:

✤ avoid water: although tempting, avoid submerging your jewelry in sea or pool water, salt or chlorinated water can alter their shine

✤ be careful with chemicals: perfumes, lotions and products containing alcohol can tarnish your jewelry, be sure to wear them after applying these products

✤ storage: stringing beads, despite our expertise, requires special care, avoid storing your necklace carelessly in a bag, instead, use the pouch provided to protect it

by taking care of your jewelry, you will prolong its beauty and durability, cherish them, and they will reward you

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